Here is what our customers are saying about us….

“….The PM for the KC property is awesome and very professional as well.  Kenzie called to tell me she was the property manager, she went over the entire PM agreement with me and changed many of the terms so we are both protected.  Kenzie also told me about the area and why it is so desirable.  She totally understands that this is a long term partnership and communication with her tenants and landlord are key to a successful relationship…”
All the best,
 Jim D


“…..My goodness, I hope its okay that I say something about this company. First I have to say, they are awesome, from the time I drove by the home I live in now, met Michael & Michele I was blown away! I literally drove by this home, pulled in the driveway and called the number on the sign. Speaking with Michele we scheduled a meeting that day within the hour. You guys. .. we meet, the house was so adorable I had to fill out an application to see if I could have it. It is beautiful, maintenance is awesome, if i call or email for help, the same day I am contacted and scheduled for anything I need regarding maintenance. Professionalism all around, Kenzie, Michele awesome. I have told a couple of my friends about your properties; I hope they listen, you cannot go wrong with USREEB Property. One more thing we have a couple of ways to pay rent, online, by mail, take into office and if you can’t get to them they will come to you at your request, how awesome is that! One last thing, I get on your portal and look at the other properties that are being put together, as a tenant I love them. Kudos to you USREEB, thank you for taking care of us. I love where I live!….”
Paula C